The temporary card can be used by people who need to borrow a temporary card. If the person has another card, that card will be automatically inactivated when the temporary card is registered. Whoever is site administrator is in charge for the temporay card in the web service Infobric Ease.

To order a library card, ie temporary cards, contact your card provider here.

How do you do to bring out a library card:

  1. Go to and login with username and password.
  2. Select the workspace that form must be connected to the area Workplace in the menu.
  3. Click People among the main options.
  4. Highlight the person who will get the library card in the object list. You can search for people by using the search box on the top right, above the object list.
  5. Click Open in the menu.
    The dialog with the person’s information is displayed. You can double-click a person in the list to open the People window.
  6. Click Temporary Card in the menu. furthest up in person window.
    A new dialog appears, to treat short reading.
  7. Read your credit card and follow the instructions in the dialog. Drive Procedures and related software for the card reader must be installed, you can read more here.
  8. Click Save and close the menu, when the library card is added to the individual.
    The dialog with the person’s information is closed.
  9. Click Update in the menu item, to distribute changes to the devices in the workplace.