To be able to open gates and doors in the Ease CheckIn app you need to have the appropriate permissions to open the gate or door with the card reader, and have the permission to open gates and doors remotely on the site. You also need to have a physical card linked to these permissions. These permissions are handled in Infobric Site by the site administrator. Once these permissions are in place, follow these steps to remote-open gates and doors:   

  1. Open Ease CheckIn and make sure you are on the correct site. 
  2. Choose the alternative Gates.
  3. Press Open gate.
  4. Type in Gate name and Serial number.
  5. Press Open gate

The gate is now added and can be opened with the app.

NOTE! To open a gate for the first time you need to know the gate serial number. Gate name is choosen by each app user and is only shown in the app users list once the gate has been opened for the first time.