If you are already added to a site (that has activated Ease CheckIn) this site will be automatically visible in the app. In other cases, you have to add yourself to the site manually.

  1. Go to My sites.
  2. Press the green plus icon, or the blue button if you are not yet added to a site.
  3. Enter the site's complete project number or byggarbetsplats-id.
  4. Press Search. All search hits are displayed in a list.
  5. Press the site you want to add yourself to. Site details are shown.
  6. Press Add me to the site.
  7. A dialogue with the following text is shown: Your personal data will be shared with the site.
  8. Press Cancel or Add me.

NOTE! Some sites are also searchable on site name, visiting address, and main contractor. This depends on what setting the site administrator has set.

NOTE! Some sites require you to have an active ID06 card registered in the app, and that your ID06 card matches an officially issued ID06 card.

NOTE! Some sites are searchable but don’t allow you to add yourself to them. In such cases, you need to contact the site administrator of that site.

NOTE! You can not remove added sites in the app.