With Ease CheckIn you can activate a requirement to check in with geofence. If this feature is active on your site a geofence will be used to ensure physical presence at the site before check in. One or more geofence areas can be defined and people who are to check in at the site with Ease CheckIn must be within these areas. If you are not within the area, a map is displayed in the app with the request to move to the area to complete check in.

Follow these steps to check in on a site with a geofence requirement active:

  1. Go to My sites.
  2. Choose the site you want to check in to.
  3. Swipe the green slider to the right to Check in. If you are within the geofence you are checked in to the site. If you are outside the geofence a map is displayed, urging you to move closer to the defined geofence area and try again. 

INFO! The positioning is performed when you check in. The app doesn't control the position continuously.

INFO! The widget does not work for sites with geofence activated. 

INFO! We recommend using the the setting while the app is used for location services.