Ease CheckIn makes it possible to read your ID06 card to your profile, thus linking your unique and active ID06 card to your app account. This ensures that you as an app user have access to the card that the account is created towards and that the details stated there are accurate. A new card that has been read with the app can then be used physically on the sites where you are added, or where you add yourself with the app. 

This is how you read your card: 

  1. Open and sign in to Ease Checkin.
  2. Go to the menu option Profile.
    For iOS: Go to My sites. Press My details and choose Profile.
    For Android: Open the app menu, which unfolds from the top left corner, and choose My details. Choose Profile.
  3. Below your name, you will see the message: ID06 card not read to your profile.
  4. Press Read ID06 card.
  5. Input the card's PIN code to get access to personal details and continue.
  6. Press Next.
  7. Place the card against the backside of the phone. See the description below if you are reading your card with an iPhone.
  8. The card is read.
  9. If the reading is successful a window is shown. Choose Keep if your card details are correct. Choose Change if you want to change any of them.
  10. The card is now read to your profile, which is also indicated with green text on your profile.

INFO! If you have already read a card, and need to read a new one, press Edit profile and then Read the new ID06 card.

INFO! Please note that the reading is done with wireless NFC technology. It is NOT the camera that is supposed to read the card. 

INFO! Please note that you can only read your own ID06 card. 

INFO! The PIN code is available for the cardholder at the ID06-portal. Sign in and go to My cards. Choose a card and press Show PIN code.

Reading cards with iPhone

If you are using an iPhone it can sometimes be difficult to perform the reading correctly. Please have the following in mind when reading cards with an iPhone:

  • Rotate the card you're about to read to the right.
  • Place the lower part of the card directly against the top part of the backside of the phone. 
  • When the reading starts the text "Reading...hold still!" is shown. Keep the card in that position until the reading is done. 
  • If the reading does not work you might need to re-position the card. Try different positions until you find the right one. Small adjustments are recommended.
  • If you are using a protective cover on your phone, this could affect the reading negatively. Remove the cover and try again.