When the lock is installed it needs to be configured. This action is performed by the configurator on the site and goes as follows:

  1. Open and sign in to Ease CheckIn.
  2. Go to My sites.
  3. Choose the site on which you wish to configure Ease Smart Lock.
  4. Choose the alternative Locks below the check in slider.
  5. Press the plus icon while being within the bluetooth-range of the lock you wish to configure.
  6. Follow the instructions in the app to enter configuration mode. 
  7. In the first view you can see information about the lock and you can choose Lock type, Unlock direction and if you want to activate Warning sound on critical low battery level. Press Next when you are done. 
  8. Type in Lock name.
  9. Choose Unit group for the lock. This dictates when the lock is accessible and by whom. Settings regarding schedules and permissions connected to the choosen unit group is administrated by the site administrator. 
  10. Write a short Description of the lock. Choose Done when you are ready. 
  11. The lock is now configured and ready to use.