Installing Ease Smart Lock is a quick and easy task. It could vary some between different lock types, but mainly follows these steps:

  1. Check the door - make sure you can lock and unlock the door using the handle on the inside and the key from the outside. Also, check that the door leaf closes correctly.
  2. Prepare Ease Smart Lock - The standard installation is the so-called I-shape, but the lock can be installed in a J- and L-shape as well. See the installation manual for information on how to change the shape of the Ease Smart Lock. 
  3. Prepare the door - Remove the current lock on the door. Keep the external locking bezel. Measure how long the bringer extends from the door. It should be around 40-42 mm. If not, it must be cut to the correct length. Place the cover plate over the bringer. Place the knob mounting plate on the cover plate and attach it with two screws. The screw heads mustn't stand out outside the mounting plate surface. 
  4. Install Ease Smart Lock - Attach Ease Smart Lock on the mounting plate with the two screws. Remove the battery compartment by pressing the two levers on each side. Adjust the two screws and re-attach the battery.
  5. The lock is now installed and ready to be configured.